Starex, Inc. Starex can provide you with high quality UHP, SHP and HP
Graphite Electrodes to improve your cost per ton.

Contact us today to see how we can reduce your melting costs
and help you remain strong in today’s competitive global economy.

Our Products

Our premier quality graphite electrodes help our customers lower melting costs and improve their bottom lines in four important phases of operation:

  • Competitive pricing
    • Our volume, direct ties to our manufacturers and commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality, greatest value product line drives our always competitive pricing
  • Timely delivery via strategic distribution facilities
    • Our customers are assured of timely delivery of products from Starex, thanks to our network of strategically positioned and stocked warehouses
  • Reduced melting costs
    • Careful cost-benefit analysis demonstrates that Starex graphite electrode pricing results in measureable benefits, including the reduction in an always-significant but variable operational expense — melting costs
  • Specialized line of UHP, SHP and HP graphite electrodes for steel mill and foundry use
  • For information about unique needs or innovative products requiring special graphite applications, please click here to contact us.