Starex, Inc. Starex can provide you with high quality UHP, SHP and HP
Graphite Electrodes to improve your cost per ton.

Contact us today to see how we can reduce your melting costs
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Customer Service

To achieve maximum value from the graphite electrodes supplied to you, our representatives will be happy to help you evaluate a number of factors to consider before selecting the most appropriate size and grade for your unique application.

In our experience, such factors can include:

  • Your electrode consumption goals
  • Your production and productivity goals
  • Your transformer data
  • The design and operating parameters of your furnace
  • The type and grade of steel used in your operation
  • The power level or levels at which you operate
  • Your charging procedures
  • Your slag preferences

Our customers are assured of timely delivery of products from Starex, thanks to our network of strategically positioned and stocked warehouses.